Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Boy keychain Packaging

This is one quirky packaging design for a squeezable keychain, where the eyes will pop out when squeezed. Hence, I design the packaging with a wicked sense of humor, by placing the product on the illustrated toilet bowl.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hot pig Water dispenser Window Display

Using spice and hot chili as the theme add some form of quirkiness to the overall display of this water dispenser. Have a water dispenser near you conveniently so you can reach for help instantly when you ate too much hot stuffs.

Cup warmer packaging ver1 & 2

Cup noodle coin bank packaging

I realise i had designed quite a number of packaging for non edible foodie-look-a-like products. And this is yet another one. A packaging for a cup noodle look-a-like coin bank. Yummy yummy...

Donald farm plush packaging

Friday, May 22, 2009

Torto plush Window display

Window display for Torto plush Toys at Action City retail. Instead of typical display of toys, I designed an abstract imagery snowy world for this little colourful plush tortoises. A white background is used to create a contrast between the colorful plushies & "its world" so that the colours can stand out and attract attention from shoppers.

2008 xmas bazaar design for Action City

Bazaar booth design conceptualisation

The theme for X'mas is Play. And hence, I created a whimsical garden of Play concept for this bazaar booth located at Bugis Junction Mall. The design involves two levels, the ground floor for sales & merchandising and the roof level which can give shoppers on the top levels of the mall a "sneak preview" of the whimsical garden.

2008 xmas catalogue for Action City

Catalogue design/ photography/ copywriting


Breadou Logo design

Breadou Pop up Retail store design conceptualisation. A mini cafe of great variety of breadou to choose from. And shoppers really came in, thinking that its real bread. That's the fun of all! Breadou are sold exclusively in all Action city outlets in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Interior decoration of the store

BREADOU - Looks and smell like the real thing but it never expires

Breadou donut photoshoot/ conceptualisation

Breadou Mini Emoticon Photoshoot/ Product conceptualisation.

Breadou Slice of love Photoshoot/ Product conceptualisation
This is designed specially for people to customise their own slice of love by writing love messages on the bread. It would be nice to surprise your loved ones with this.

Breadou Goody Murphy Photoshoot/ product conceptualisation


Poster design for New year eve party 2006.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Love Hugs!

Love hug's "Thank you Mum" special Gift bundle is launched in stores.
Hug may be a simple gesture, but its power can be so boundless. An universal way of expression, it could say so much more than words and even have a calming & therapeutic effect to ease the body and mind.

LOVE HUG is a range of lovely innovative “play-thing” created, with the aim to spread love and joy. It is designed with luxurious soft body cuddling material to embrace your body and ease the mind.