Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ashley Burger Full meal set

Ashley Burger Milk Tissue holder

Another product proposed for the Ashley Burger range. A packet of "Milk Tissue".

Ashley burger Lighter

Real "hot" chili and tomato sauce lighter. Spice up with some hot sauce! Ashley burger is a conceptual design for a range of burger related products.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Gummy Boy

Here's a packaging for Happy Boy, a series of colourful gummy "juicy" looking keychain. So naturally, the focus is on the gummy colours of the products, giving it a funky colourful design with the middle portion empty space for housing HAPPY BOY. This is one of my personal favourites out of so many design I have done. Simply becos its so gummy! too bad the product is snatch up in store before i get a proper picture of it. I miss the little Happy Boy!

kirouchi love to drink

keyring proposed design

Packaging for tote bag

Tote bag designs

Graphic illustration

kirouchi is a monkey who loves to drink! Beer & Milk. A character created for a range of products.
Above is an the proposed ideas & concept. Ever meet a monkey drunk from milk?
here it is...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am superbotz

Yea! I'm Super Botz! I love this packaging! I wish I could actually animate the little mighty super botz striking different poses by wriggling its tiny legs and arms. This super botz is actually a USB HUB with 4 ports that probably satisfy your needs for transferring photos from your camera as you chat over the skype phone over a cup of warm coffee placed on a USB cup warmer. So here it is as you can see, I use simply iconic graphics illustration of various gadgets to form kind of a pattern background that surround the superbotz. "ONE BOTZ POWER OF FOUR" doesn't this sound powerful enough...(somehow I have a fetish for cutsy robots)

Loro Parrot lamp Packaging

Packaging designed for a Parrot lookalike lamp +clock. Using parrot as the theme, the product is illustrated on a simple forestry background with the aesthetic of the leaves and feathers of the parrot in contrasting colours.